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Jerusalem Archaeological Park
About Us

The Temple Mount and the City of David have been the focus of archaeological research for some 170 years. During this time thousands of books and articles have been published, but almost no digital scientific information was available. The aim of this project was to assemble the scientific data and present it as a whole. The site exposes the visitor to recent archaeological and historical conclusions, which are the result of up-to-date excavations.

According to the traditional understanding in archaeology, the results of diggings are presented in a constant format. To our believes, this kind of format is unsuitable for online publications. The digital format, as opposed to the written data, enabled us to paraphrase more accurately our views concerning various archaeological issues, sometimes with the help of special visual effects. Moreover, the assembling of so much data in one place, with easy linkage to historical sources, a glossary and bibliography, makes it an important production for all.

The site presents a survey of the history and archaeology of Jerusalem throughout the Early Bronze Age until the Ottoman period. Its pivot is a dynamic time line, enhancing focal periods and events in the city's history. Internal links lead to complementary information, e.g., historical sources. A bibliography, arranged by periods and themes, is also available. The site holds a detailed description of a 3D virtual model of the Temple Mount. Unique features are the interactive maps, displaying the results of the ongoing excavations of the city from the 19th century.

The site was produced by the Israel Antiquities Authority, initiated by Mr. Jacob Fisch and directed by Rachel Kudish-Vashdi and Yuval Baruch.
It was developed and designed by EagleShade Interactive Production House. The IAA publications department scientifically and grammatically edited all the texts, which were also refereed by leading scholars. Back to top